The Complete Detail 


If you have been looking for the best auto detailing in Amarillo, welcome to Canyon Truck Spa. The Complete Detail package is very popular amongst our customers! This package provides top of the line detailing so you can drive off feeling like you’re in a brand new car. It includes a thorough exterior wash and surface decontamination of your vehicle’s paint. We take the dirt right out of the pores of the paint. First, we add lubrication to your vehicle and then slide a clay bar across your vehicle’s paint to remove stubborn contaminants that cannot be removed with a typical wash. After removing all the debris and contaminants, we’ll add a polish and wax to bring out the shine in your vehicle. Next, we do a full interior cleaning with an interior wipe down, cleaning the headliner, dash, consul, door jams, windows and seats. We shampoo the door panels, clean the carpets, vacuums interior and trunk, recondition vinyl and leather. This package includes degreasing of the engine and dog hair removal. When it comes to car detailing that you can trust, look no further than Canyon Truck Spa. With 40+ years of experience, you can guarantee you’re going to love the way your vehicle looks when we’re done with it.

Included in Package

  • Exterior Car Wash
  • Wheel and Tire Detail and Shine
  • Clay Bar
  • Compound Polish & Wax
  • Interior Car Cleaning
  • Engine Degreasing
The best way to protect your investment!

The Clay Bar Process

After washing the vehicle to remove all surface dirt and grime we perform the clay bar decontamination. Detailing clay is specially formulated to remove contaminants from car paint that cannot be removed by traditional car washing. Some of the particles it is able to extract include: Pollutants found in acid rain, rail dust, and brake dust.

Ceramic Pro is a paint protection product that uses nano-technology to defend your vehicle’s paint against the elements and everyday wear.